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Obituary - Dolores F. Freed

Dolores F. Freed

Date of Passing: December 28th, 2020

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Dolores (Dolly) Fischman Freed, 89, passed away peacefully at Allendale Senior Community Center in New Jersey on Monday, December 28, 2020, after a long battle with dementia.

Dolly was born in Astoria Queens to Izadore and Sally Fischman. She graduated from Brooklyn College and went on to teach there for a several years before marrying David Freed who she met on a cruise to Nassau. She continued to be an avid world traveler throughout her life. Dolly's career in education included Director of Special Education at the Utica City School District. After retiring, she became a paralegal. Dolly and David supported and participated in the theater in Utica both acting and directing productions. Many people will remember her for her style and flair. Their daughter Janine was also active in the arts as a ballet dancer and actress.

Dolly is survived by her sister, Myrna; brother, Gary; and daughter, Janine.

She will be buried in upstate New York at Temple Emanu-El Cemetery, next to David. There will be a virtual funeral service at 2:00 on Monday, January 4. You may view her service at

To express sympathy, please visit Donations in memory of Dolly may be made to the Alzheimer's Foundation: please go to the donate button

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I have known Mrs. Freed since I moved to New Hartford back in 1968. My parents (Charles and Mary Ann Dino) lived next door to her. Mrs. Freed loved the color blue. Her house was blue and the carpet in the house was blue. She had a gorgeous full-length coat and beautiful jewelry. Mrs. Freed was a beautiful woman. She was impeccably kept. Her hair and nails and dress perfect. She was articulate, well-educated and knowledgeable. She would correct us on how we spoke and how we pronounced words. She would help us to enunciate words, too. She loved her fur babies who would accompany us to dinner. Mrs. Freed had a special carrier for her fur babies that looked similar to a purse and she would sneak them into the restaurant where she would feed her babies little morsels of food. Not a peep was heard from her babies and no one had a clue we had a fur baby with us. She often brought her babies over to my parents house. Mrs. Freed spent many Thanksgiving dinners with us along with celebrating Christmas and Easter. And we celebrated her Jewish holidays. She enjoyed having a vodka. Her favorite brand was Absolute. My Dad and Mrs. Freed would spend several hours discussing politics and not a harsh word was said to each other. They had a great respect for each others point of view. My Dad worked at BOCES so he also knew Mrs. Freed professionally. They spent a lot of time discussing school issues. My Mom absolutely adored Mrs. Freed. They were very close to each other going out to dinner frequently, visiting each other often, and going to plays. My Dad passed away suddenly and Mrs. Freed was there in a heartbeat to help my Mom. She was a Godsend during that difficult time. And Mrs. Freed was there for my Mom when my Mom sold her house. Mrs. Freed was present along with my parents and witnessed Rich and I get married. We went out for dinner after the ceremony and we ordered a bottle of wine. Mrs. Freed knew her wines and she rejected the first bottle. We ordered a second bottle and guess what. That one was rejected too. A third bottle of wine came. She sniffed the cork, smelled the wine and tasted the wine and with a long pause she said yes. This bottle of wine is acceptable. We had a great time during dinner that evening. I will always cherish that time I spent with Mrs. Freed on that special evening. I was involved in Desert Storm and my daughter went to stay with my parents. There were many times my daughter, Kristi, Mrs. Freed and my parents would go out for dinner during Kristi's stay with my parents. Mrs. Freed helped my daughter with her language skills during that time as Kristi was only 4 years old. When I would come home for a visit, I always saw Mrs. Freed. Mrs. Freed would come over to my parents house to visit then we go out for dinner. Mrs. Freed bought a Mercedes and I just loved that car. She would pick us up in the Mercedes and I felt like a queen. My Mom thought it was a great car, too, and told me how the Mercedes had warnings regarding ice. My Mom thought that was pretty cool. Mrs. Freed moved away from Utica and my Mom was literally devastated. She missed Mrs. Freed dearly. Mrs. Freed was a very close and dear friend of my mother. My mother valued Mrs. Freed's deep friendship and my Mom loved her very much. As I write this I am thinking of heaven. I can just see my Dad and Mrs. Freed talking politics once again and my Mom greeting Mrs. Freed with open arms telling her how she missed her. Mrs. Freed was one of a kind. Caring, thoughtful, loving, supportive. The list is endless. She will be deeply missed. With heartfelt sympathy,
Charlene Mizner (Dino)
Charlene D Mizner

My sincerest condolences. I hope your memories of Mrs. Freed is able to comfort you during this difficult time.

Kristi Rohlf (granddaughter of Charles and Mary Ann Dino)

I enjoyed working with Dolly and David in the Players of Utica theater group when I first came to Utica in the early '70s. She was always supportive and well as quite talented. Thank you, Dolly.
Jeff Ganeles

I worked with dolly in uccsd she was our boss in the special Ed dept a pleasure to work with sorry for your loss. Vboehlert
Virginia boehlert

Dolly was a mentor and my boss for many years in the Utica City School District where I was employed as a speech pathologist. She was a very bright, hardworking person. I appreciated her depth of knowledge and her great support for her colleagues and coworkers. She was a leader with a warm personality and a good heart. I remember her fondly.I am sorry to hear of her passing. I wish her daughter and family peace and comfort at this difficult time.
Barbara Pietrafesa Foppes